Tell wholesale halloween costumes us about Be Mine.



    I want to wholesale halloween costumes ensure that Indians change the way they look at lingerie. I want the brands to be approachable. I want the brands to be functional, yet with a fun factor to it. Also, quality is very important to us as is the international customer and so we have approached the same manufacturer as Marks & Spencer. What we have created is an honest brand with the sole purpose of delivering style and comfort to every woman.

    We launched the wholesale swimwear Be Mine brand with our first collection. It has around 59 styles at the moment and we are looking at adding another 60 styles by the end of this year. Simultaneously, we have our next sub brand C Hello Sugar C launching in August.

    I want Be Mine to be a consumer friendly product swimwear manufacturers and that is why I want to have a lot of stores. There are plenty of stores selling lingerie but consumers are not comfortable buying from these shops. We want to change the way the consumer thinks and break that social taboo in India. We are bringing to the Indian consumer, a product which is premium but keeping Indian sensitivities in mind.

    You're launching Hello Sugar in August. How is this going to be different from Be Mine?