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  • Outside yet those are poe currency the only shots he took He attempted just three shots inside the paint on Tuesday one was off a backdoor cut and one came as the shot clock ran down He's no longer looking to attack the basket and is afraid to shoot when he doesEven worse he's content to stand at the top of the key and watch his teammates go to


    work even when the defender closing out to him would be vulnerable if he attackedLowry is clearly overthinking because of all those misses That overthinking is robbing Lowry of his trademark instincts and fluidityLowry I passed up a ton of shots actually So with the poor shooting I think that's what it did to me a little bit more


    tonight John Schuhmann johnschuhmann May Other areas of his game have been affected by his slump Lowry took just one free throw over his past two games after averaging more than six per game during the regular season He also blew an assignment on a critical threepointer by Goran Dragic that put Miami up five with seconds left


    Even that miracle heave Lowry made to force buy poe currency overtime happened after he fumbled the inbounds pass and nearly stepped out of boundsThis isn't Lowry's first postseason failure Including this year Lowry is shooting just percent from the field and on threepointers in career playoff games This recent cold stretch no longer seems like a


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