Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


It is our responsibility and utmost priority to maintain your privacy policy. We are always concerned to maintain the privacy of our users in order to secure the privacy of the users. The purpose of our privacy policy is to send out a message to our users that we are concerned and protective of their privacy just as much as they themselves would be! With us, you are safe because we care for you as our own.


Browser Cookies

The first thing that is clearly mentioned in our privacy policy is that whenever you visit the website, our site cookies have full access to your information. This includes personal information such as IP address, name and other basic contact information.


Access to Personal Information

At time of sign up, you will have to provide basic information to the website. The information might include

·         Personal details i.e. name, age and gender

·         Contact information i.e. contact number and email ID

·         Residential posting address

·         Office/work details

·         Bank account details (in case of paid subscription)

·         Fax number

·         IP address

·         Location

The basic information that is gathered is freely accessible the admin of our social media website at any time or day. The users will not be notified about the information that is accessible by the site. This is mentioned in terms and conditions section. (See for further details)


Third-Party Access

No personal information or private details can be accessed by any third party. The privacy of users is maintained and our social media team takes 100% full responsibility to secure the personal information of the registered users. In case of violation of law or breach of confidentiality – the site will take full responsibility and offer compensation to the users.


Automated Media Team Content

You will always get automated generated content messages from our social media platform when you sign up. However, it is noted that all messages are automatically generated and sent out to the users via message, emails or other push notifications. It is important to remember that any fault, abuse or scam reported via automated text messages or content will not be 100% authentic.


User Permission

If you are signed or registered user to our website, you will be provided with 100% security. This means that your account privacy will be maintained and our team will not have liberty to access your private online account details or to post on your behalf. User permission is always required for such tasks and activities online.



It is also important to remember that the privacy policy designed by us is subjected to change, modification or edit anytime and anywhere. We as a team have the liberty to make modifications as and whenever we aspire without priory notifying the users. With every update on the privacy policy, there is a date mentioned below the policy page to keep the uses posted on how and when the policy changes. If the changes in the privacy policy are priory planned, the registered users will be informed about the changes in the privacy policy via email or notifications.