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Terms And Conditions

The terms and conditions mentioned below are a legal agreement between the users (you) and our social media team (us). It is strongly advised to read every last point of the terms and conditions before you sign up with the website for further process and to avail services. Agreement to all terms and conditions (left click and enter on the box below terms page) is important to move further ahead with the website.
Purpose of Terms and Conditions
As a social media site we have a team that is working around the clock to provide our users with superlative services. However, human error is always possible and this can tamper the relationship that our users share with us. We do not want this to happen. The purpose of terms and conditions is to ensure that there is no confusion that arises or persists between us and our valuable users in the long run. Seamless online functions on the website are important for us and for you. The terms and conditions will regulate activity on the web and ensure that neither party suffers any financial, emotional or psychological loss/harm in the long run.
Terms and Conditions
1. By signing up with our website, you are giving full authority to our admin to access your personal information at any time of the day. The information you choose to share with us is privately secured but access to any information to any third-party can be allowed by us without seeking prior consent of the user.
2. By agreeing to the terms, you are giving us permission to access your information as well as monitor your online activity on our web. There will be no veils or walls that hide your activity on our website from us. Our team of experts will monitor your activity on the web around the clock. In case of any abusive or violent activity or any unfavorable activity that is promoted, encouraged or involves you will result in strict actions taken by us. This also includes banning your account from our website for life.
3. All terms and conditions as well as privacy policy (for reference, see privacy policy) can be changed, modified, edited or removed without prior notification sent out to the users. Our team has full liberty to make any changes as and when desired.
4. Your account will solely be used for the purpose it has been created. Personal, business and other accounts remain true to its genre. No account will be used for self-promotions if it is not designed to be so. In such case, the admin can block accounts or users
Please click on ‘I ACCPET’ at the end of this page. By doing so, you are agreeing to all our terms and conditions and allowing us to take this process on registration one step ahead so that you can access our social media services. It is also a nod of acknowledgment form you to us that you have read, understood and agreed to all terms and conditions mentioned above.